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  • Through hundreds of submarine fibers directly connected to the backbone network, the bandwidth is sufficient and the server response speed is maximized to improve data transmission efficiency.

  • The equipment room is equipped with reasonable fire, lightning, security, seismic, temperature and humidity control measures, using high-quality wire and scientific network wiring to ensure the best service online rate.

“In order to provide our customers with better service, our designers must communicate with the world's design masters. Our software engineers use Github, Stack Android.com to host source code and communicate online. In short, Moxder is really great. Thank you for your company, thank you!”
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  • You get the same perfect experience anytime, anywhere. Available on all platforms, only one Moxder subscription is required.

  • Especially iphone phones, Android phones, Mac notebooks, desktop computers. All are able to use our services easily.

“I know this software through the Internet, I use it to look at it, the customer service attitude is good, patiently teach me to use, the effect is very good, now HD video is click-to-play, children look at cartoons, very convenient. Recommended for friends who have audio and video entertainment needs!”
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Work order support, technical assistance

  • Wèile shìyìng nín de jùtǐ xūqiú, wǒmen wèi nín tígōngle tánxìng de fùfèi fāng'àn, nín kěyǐ gēnjù xūyào xuǎnzé héshì de tàocān. 41/5000 In order to meet your specific needs, we offer you a flexible payment plan, you can choose the right package according to your needs.

  • How do I use it? How to choose a package? You can refer to the help documentation, and at the same time you can communicate with us via instant messaging. (Chinese/English)

“We are juniors. Due to the professional needs, we will go to the academic website and search for papers. Occasionally, I will communicate with overseas students. The use of Moxder's services last year was very stable.”
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Work with ISP partners

Moxder's partnerships with PCCW, HGC Ltd., WTT Ltd., HKBN and the US, Japan and Europe help us deliver up to 4 Gbps of data over a single port.

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Currently Moxder's ISP bandwidth is up to 40 Gbps. Have enough bandwidth to meet your needs, no matter what.

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The entire line uses the latest INTEL high-performance computing core, and the equipment room uses mature solutions such as HP and Dell to optimize each link. Provide customers with high speed and stable bandwidth quality and secure data transmission.

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Trial duration: 1 month
Trial traffic: 200MB
Network speed: 10Mpbs
Simultaneous online devices: 1

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Effective duration: 12 months
Monthly traffic: unlimited traffic
Network speed: 100Mpbs
Simultaneous online devices: 4

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Year package
(medium weight use)

Effective duration: 24 months
Monthly traffic: unlimited traffic
Network speed: 50Mpbs
Simultaneous online devices: 2

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